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Kairos Luminary Academy High School (KLA) is the 4th Academy under the umbrella of Kairos Public Schools in Vacaville, CA. 

In the 2024-2025 school year, KLA will be opening with grades 9th & 10th and then adding 11th grade in 2025-2026 and 12th grade in 2026-2027.  This smart growth plan is focused on building quality over quantity and ensuring all  KLA scholars has systems in place to ensure their success. 

Kairos Luminary Academy High School offers two career pathways that make them unique in Vacaville. A Public Safety Pathway and a Biotechnology Pathway. Both pathways were identified by local leaders as careers that are seeing an increased career opportunities and Kairos Public Schools is happy to help increase the pipeline in these careers. 

KLA offers a Flex-Based/Hybrid schedule that more closely models the modern workforce of today. In-person courses 3 days a week. When a scholar is not attending on-site courses, they will be completing their school work remotely at home, or other locations and involved in career internships, partnerships and more. 


Building the Future

Kairos Luminary Academy High School  develops pathways and partnerships to propel the next generation of leaders to be lifelong problem-solvers who will serve their global community.

An Average KLA Day 

Learning With No Bounds

Jaime, a high school student attending a Kairos Luminary High School, navigates her unique daily routine with a blend of excitement and adaptability. Three days per week, she makes her way to the school campus where she engages in face-to-face classes, enjoying the opportunity to connect with teachers and peers in a traditional classroom setting. These on-campus sessions provide her with a sense of normalcy and help build a sense of community among her fellow students. Jaime is also a student who is interested in the Public Safety pathway and she participates in the cadet program each of the three days she is on campus. 


 After completing her in-person classes, Sarah heads home where she seamlessly transitions into her virtual learning environment. An environment she does completely remote two days per week.  Here, she enjoys the flexibility to work on assignments at her own pace, exploring online resources and collaborating with classmates through virtual discussions. This hybrid approach not only allows her to manage her coursework efficiently but also offers valuable life skills in time management and self-discipline, preparing her for the challenges of a changing workforce in the future. 


Jaime's daily experience embodies the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of in-person learning with the convenience of online education. It allows her to tailor her schedule to her needs, fostering independence and a strong work ethic. This unique blend of on-campus and at-home learning will make her high school journey both dynamic and adaptable, preparing her not just academically, but also equipping her with the skills required to excel in a rapidly changing workforce. As she continues to navigate her flex-based learning, Jaime finds herself well-prepared for whatever opportunities lie ahead, both in college and beyond.

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